Small Bedroom Design

Small bedroom design is a matter of making every inch of floorspace count. Make good decisions and you’ll have a small bedroom that feels light and spacious, get it wrong and everything will seem cramped and awkwardly positioned. The following small bedroom design ideas should ensure you stay on track.

Small Bedroom Storage

Storage space is an important consideration for any bedroom, but perhaps even more so for a small bedroom. Fill up the space with draws, wardrobes, bedside tables and other storage units and you soon won’t have enough room to breath, let alone walk around.

Under bed storage is a great solution for a small bedroom. That doesn’t mean shoving as much as you possibly can under your bed. Clear storage boxes that can be slid under your bed are a great way to organise your clothes, shoes and other items.

And speaking of your bed, try and invest in a bed frame that’s low to the ground, as the added vertical space makes the room seem much larger that it actually is. On a simpler note, don’t have duvet covers and pillow cases with bold patterns on, as these can make a room seem busy and as a consequence, smaller. Sounds a bit silly, but it’s true.

If you like having a bedside table but don’t have adequate space, then a wall mounted shelf is a great solution, as it doesn’t eat into valuable floorspace. The same applies for things like televisions and Hi-Fis; wall mount them and your small bedroom suddenly won’t seem so small.

As with any small room, using reflective or clear materials ensures a light environment, which creates the illusion of space. If you don’t want wardrobes or draws with glass doors, then hang a mirror on the wall to achieve the same effect.

Small Bedroom Decorating

Starting from the top, paint the ceiling white in a small bedroom to immediately create a sense of height and space. The worst thing you can do is paint the ceiling a dark, bold colour as it will shrink the room and make it seem boxy.

For the walls, neutral tones are best as they will create a warm and relaxing environment as well as maintaining that illusion of added space. It’s also advisable to leave one wall free of pictures, mirrors and other wall hangings, as this can also add significantly to the impression of space.

Don’t use bulky curtains in a small bedroom as they can block out important natural light during the day and take up valuable space when drawn at night. Slimline blinds or lightweight fabrics are the best solutions.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

All of these design ideas are just that – ideas. You don’t have to follow every singly step in order to make the most out of your small bedroom. However, the underpinning theory is to maintain as much floorspace as possible, which not only creates a light and pleasant environment, but also has a functional purpose allowing you to easily move around the room.

Get your small bedroom design products

We’ve added links here to suppliers of quality products to help you create the perfect small bedroom design and make the most of every inch of available space.

Small Bedroom Pictures

Here are a selection of small bedroom design pictures to offer inspiration and ideas


  1. vidya says:

    it was a very creative n useful tip!!!!!!!

  2. aysha says:

    my roon is 12 x 10 feet .can u design for the room including the wardrobe and hangging dressing table

  3. nurita says:

    my room is 4 x 3 m. could you design it for make my room efficient

  4. Megan says:

    I have the smallest room in the house and i have to fit 2 chest of draws, a bed,a desk,and shevles,now my room is cramped and looks clutterd
    i need help!

  5. Ann says:

    Hi. i’m having a problem of how to design and make up my room. i’m getting married next month and i have to set up my room for the couple room. it would be helpful for me if u tell me what to do.
    my room size is 3.50 M x 3.04 M

    Thank you so much

  6. rama says:

    my room sizes is 12 x 10, 12 x 09 feet sizes i need room design

  7. Rica says:

    my house is almost finish and i need some great tips on Desgin my bedroom. Its not that big and not that small. I need room desgins that going to make my room look bigger then it looks.

  8. graziella pisani says:

    hi, my bedroom is 13×12 feet. can you design it for me pls? how i can put the furniture ?
    thanks alot. i really apriciate your help

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    my bedroom is 9X7 its really small and i need a room design qould you moind mkaing a one.

  10. Sawasti says:

    I have a room and it’s measurements are length 4.57M and Width 2.95M and i want to change the setting as i have two doors for washroom and entry on each corner and i cannot make any good decision and sick of browsing the internet finally got on your website with good hope that i can get some help on how to decorate the that street based room.

    Currently i have fall ceiling and tiles installed of white color, so if your please tell me the theme color also and most of my furniture is dark colored like wardrobe,bed,dressing table,Computer Cabinet and doors.

    I can understand that at a same time i asked so many question but at the moment if you can answer about the room decor that would be kind enough.

    Regards & Thankyou

  11. nikita says:

    i want to create a room for my two year old daughter but the room
    is only 6 by 6 can this work

  12. nikita says:

    my room is 6 ft wide and 6 ft long want a room for my daughter

  13. dharmendra says:

    my bed room size is 13 x 9.send me some design to look my bedroom beautifuel.


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