Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is reserved solely for the person or people that deserve it most i.e. the owners of the property. It should be a luxurious and relaxing sanctuary that perfectly reflects your design taste.

Creating the perfect master bedroom design requires a lot of time and careful thought. Here are a few tips and useful ideas to help you design and decorate your master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Layout

Traditionally a master bedroom design should be as simple as possible. Out of all the rooms in a home the master bedroom should be the least cluttered, in-keeping with the idea of a creating a truly relaxing environment. In order to achieve this, remember the following:

  • Position the bed before anything else and ensure there is adequate space to walk around both sides and the front.
  • Think about storage carefully. You want enough storage so you don’t have clothes and toiletries cluttering up the space but not too much storage so that you significantly shrink down the size of the room. Getting this balance right is imperative for creating a successful master bedroom design.
  • Awkwardly shaped master bedrooms need clever solutions. Underbed storage, slimline wardrobes and wall mounted shelves are a great way to maintain floorspace without compromising on storage solutions.

Master Bedroom Decor

As already noted, the master bedroom should reflect your own style but there might have to be compromises to achieve a calm and relaxing environment. Here are some master bedroom decor ideas to consider:

  • Keep the colour scheme neutral to create a soft and clean atmosphere. If you want to use a bold colour or wallpaper, then consider using it on just one wall so it isn’t overwhelming.
  • Painting the ceiling white is a great way to inject a sense of light and space into the master bedroom and is strongly recommended.
  • Consistency is important in a master bedroom. Furniture should always match and colour schemes should be kept simple, preferably involving no more than 3 or 4 colours maximum.

Master Bedroom Pictures


  1. Shari says:

    Hi, my name is Shari. And I absolutely love the master bedroom set featured on this website. What brand is it? Also what color was painted on the walls in the master bedroom photo?
    Thank you. Shari

  2. Lynne says:

    I too want to know about this bedroom suite! It’s GORGEOUS!!

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