Kids Bedroom Design

Designing a great kids bedroom is often great fun. A lot of the rules that apply to other rooms in the house can be thrown out the window and a children’s bedroom design is your chance to get creative.

Perfect Boys Bedroom Design

Perfect Boys Bedroom Design

There’s not really much point me preaching about the do’s and dont’s because what you probably want more than anything is to give your child the bedroom they’ll feel most comfortable in. However, here are a few quick-fire pointers and things to consider before proceeding with any kids bedroom design.

  1. Think long term - Kids grow up fast and tend to get bored of things very easily. Unless you’re happy to keep changing and updating their room, I’d advise you to think about everything they want and whether it will still be what they want in a year’s time (or maybe even shorter).
  2. Think functional as well as fun - It’s very easy to get carried away and start coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas for your kids bedroom but also try to think about how it will work. Plan adequate storage for all their clothes, toys and all the other stuff that kids tend to have.
  3. Think realistically - So many kids bedrooms start to get re-designed but then stutter half way through. It can take time so make sure you think about how many hours you can invest into overhauling the look of the room. If you’re just doing over a weekend, make sure you have a rough idea about how long things will take you. Otherwise it might end up half-finished for months before you get round to doing the rest and this can lead to kiddie chaos being spread all over the house.
  4. Think economically - There are all kinds of furniture and bits and pieces that you can invest in for a kids bedroom that will last for years and save you having
    Perfect for a Princess

    Perfect for a Princess

    to replace them all the time. Look for items that you can imagine in your kid’s bedroom for the duration of them living there.

  5. Think BIG - If you’re feeling brave and creative, use this opportunity to create a palace for your princess or a spaceship for your astronaut. It might not turn out to be the most practical room in the house, but they’ll probably love it!

Kids Bedroom Design Pictures

Check out our kids bedroom design gallery for visual inspiration for your own project. Click the images to enlarge.

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

If you’ve got any other thoughts or ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment on better still send me pictures of your own bedroom designs so the world can get inspiration from your project!

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