Children’s Modern Bedroom

Space-age and space-saving

Space-age and space-saving

What child wouldn’t enjoy playing in this ultra-modern bedroom? The white bunk beds, that look like something right off a spaceship, offer privacy and the perfect place to hide away and play all kinds of fun games.

The best thing about this particular design is that it can be easily applied to a small bedroom design. You don’t need loads of floor space and the crisp white bunk beds create the illusion of extra room.

Finish off the design with contemporary touches like the chair pictured and you’ve got a children’s bedroom design that really stands out from the crowd. Another great benefit of this design is that your child won’t quickly grow out of it and it can easily be adapted to become the perfect hang out for a teenager.


2 Comments on "Children’s Modern Bedroom"

  1. tara on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 4:03 pm 

    help! been looking everywhere… where do i find thesE?

  2. Kelley Utterback on Sat, 2nd Jan 2010 3:43 pm 

    Can you let us know who the manufacturer is? I love these bunk beds!!

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