Asian Bedroom Design

Whether you want to create a relaxing haven, away from the stresses of the world or a lavish boudoir to indulge yourself in luxury, an Asian-inspired bedroom design is something that’s definitely worth consideration.

And if you’re thinking about adopting the style, the Bedroom Designer, as always, has some top tips to help you achieve the look.

First off, the colours of the walls should always be warm, earthy tones, which give an immediate sense of natural calm. Of course, this can be achieved with just one feature wall if you’re not feeling brave enough to go all out.

Being able to control the amount of light that enters the room is essential for authentic Asian design. A good tip is to make sure you invest in luxury curtains made with warm, solid colours. Alternatively, blinds or Japanese-style shutters are perfect if you’re going for a cleaner, oriental look.

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, certainly consider investing in appropriate rugs, that compliment the earthy colours of your walls. Soft materials like this will add a real sense of relaxation to the space, but don’t buy giant fabrics that cover large amounts of floorspace. That will make the room too busy and detract from the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Accessories are key in an Asian bedroom design so choose carefully. Modern tech items such as alarm clocks, TVs and radios should be hidden out of view or integrated cleverly into the design to ensure they don’t ruin the image of your space.

If possible, try to incorporate the idea of water into your design somehow. You might be able to add a small feature or display somewhere and this will add another element of relaxation to your bedroom.

Plants also achieve the same objective, but to a lesser extent. Still, if you can’t accommodate a water feature, a small plant is a great idea.

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Asian Bedroom Design Pictures

Here are some excellent images of Asian Bedroom designs to help inspire you with your own scheme: